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Our Ultimate Guide to The Perfect Airbnb, VRBO & Vacation Rental Sheets

Our Ultimate Guide to The Perfect Airbnb, VRBO & Vacation Rental Sheets - FIX LINENS

Our Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Airbnb, Vrbo, and Vacation Rental Sheets

making the bed

Founded by Airbnb Superhosts, FIX LINENS was born out of our search for the perfect set of white sheets.


Today, we offer frustration-free bedding that doesn’t compromise on comfort. We know that when it comes to short-term rentals, outstanding hospitality is everything, and that includes a good night’s rest. In fact, 90% of guest ratings depend on the quality of the bed. Why? Because sleepy people are cranky people. And cranky people don’t write 5-star reviews.


But how do you deliver a hotel-quality sleep experience without breaking the bank? In this guide, we’ll show you how to estimate a linen budget for your short-term rental and deliver a hotel-quality sleep experience to your guests while saving valuable time, money, and energy as a host.

How to Estimate Your Short-Term Rental Linen Budget


Every budget is different, but we know one thing: if you skimp on quality up front you’ll pay for it in the end, either in less than stellar guest reviews or replacing cheap sheets that wear poorly. At a minimum, your linens must be high-quality and able to hold up against repeated washing, drying, and heavy use. At FIX, we’re here to help make the bed your guests will want to dive into at the end of the day without sacrificing durability or ease of use.

How Many Sheets Do You Really Need?


Let’s do some math (don’t worry, we’ve already done the hard work for you). Most experts, including our crew here at FIX, recommend three sheet sets per bed: one on the bed, one in the wash, and one in the closet. This method extends the life of your sheets, keeps linens fresh, and won’t leave you scrambling before a guest’s arrival. Accidents happen and humans are messy! Having an extra set on hand and ready to go during the peak of the season will help you conquer laundry woes and quickly turn around your rental.

Superhost Tip


We also suggest investing in two extra pillowcases and two duvet covers per bed. Pillowcases tend to show wear quickly and you never know when a duvet cover may wind up unfortunately stained.

Let’s recap that equation, shall we?


In our professional opinion, each bed should have:


  • 3 sets of sheets

  • 2 extra pillowcases

  • 2 duvet covers

You can see how linen purchases add up quickly when investing in high-quality, 100% cotton, 400-thread count sheets. At FIX, we’ve made it our mission to produce and supply superior quality linens directly to short-term rental hosts to help keep costs down. We’re determined to make affordable, accessible products that both heighten the guest experience and take the stress out of hosting.

Confused about what to look for when shopping for quality sheets? Check out our guide to thread count, marketing spin, and what really matters here.

The FIX Investment

Maybe we’re biased (okay, we’re totally biased) but we’ve tried more linen brands than we can count and are confident that none of them match FIX in terms of comfort, durability, and value. That’s because our linens are specifically designed to meet the needs of short-term rental hosts. With the FIX system, we’ve put an end to fitted sheet frustration and duvet cover drama with color-coded simplicity.

Outfitting your rental property? Check out our volume pricing here.

How to Get The Most Out of Your Linens


So you’ve found the perfect linens for your short-term rental and are earning 5-star reviews left and right. Your guests are pampered, well-rested, and raving about their stay. But how do you make sure your sheets last wash after wash? If you think we’re obsessed with linen design, you should hear us talk about laundry. Trust us, we’re fun at parties.


Our guide to linen care covers everything you’ll ever need to know about washing, drying, and storing your sheets, including how to keep white sheets white. Wondering why white sheets are the color of choice for rental properties? Check out our top reasons why white linens work every time for every bed here.


Eventually, all good things come to an end. FIX Linens are designed to last and with proper care will continue to become softer and even more comfortable over time. But when you’re running a busy rental, wear and tear is inevitable. This is a good problem to have! In order to ensure an exceptional sleep experience for your guests, we recommend replacing your sheets every two years. Because pillowcases tend to suffer more casualties, it’s a good idea to replace them annually.

The Bottom Line


Investing in quality sheets will not only earn you better reviews but save you money in the long run. FIX is proud to be a part of the short-term rental community and is committed to helping our fellow hosts thrive with durable, comfortable, and affordable linens. Let’s make a better bed together.