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How to win short-term rental bookings during sporting events - FIX LINENS

How to win short-term rental bookings during sporting events


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" According to Airbnb, 55 percent of all hosts in the US report that they have booked guests traveling for sporting events."

Whether it’s baseball, football, or even pickleball, providing housing for sporting event fans and/or participants can bring in record-setting revenue. According to Airbnb , 55 percent of all hosts in the US report that they have booked guests traveling for sporting events. This year alone, Airbnb properties near Phoenix area MLB spring training facilities earned over 15 million dollars. While hosts who own properties near pro-sporting venues are probably already aware of the benefits of their locale, don’t forget about those smaller-scale venues and teams. Semi-pro, college, and even school-aged sports leagues can still produce immense opportunities for short-term rentals. In fact, school aged travel or club teams bring with them not just a group of athletes, but their families as well- all of which will be looking for a place to stay. Get in on the game by considering these suggestions. 

Come Up With a Game Plan 

  • Research local sporting venues including arenas, practice facilities and off season training locations.

  • Do your homework and become informed on possible tournaments, marathons or large sporting events these venues may be hosting. Your local visitors bureau’s website or socials can be a great source for this kind of information.

  • Take note of the schedules of local sports teams. Follow team or sport organization’s social media pages to stay informed and aware of possible promotion opportunities and bookable dates. 

Practice These Marketing Plays

  • Contact organizations or event organizers to see if your listing can be featured or recommended to traveling teams, families, athletes or fans.

  • If you have a large property that can accommodate a team, you could specify this in your listing, but consider tacking on a larger cleaning fee or security deposit to account for the wear and tear from extra guests.

  • Update your online profile with searchable taglines featuring the event name, team or facility. Make sure to include the distance from your property to the sporting venue in your property’s description.

  • If your STR is in or near a popular college town or pro-team city, consider highlighting team-related swag or decor in the photos featured in your property’s listing during the sporting season. That perfectly placed pillow or coffee table book sends a message to team fanatics that they will feel at home and welcome in your property.

  • Many school-aged clubs or travel teams search for fundraising opportunities. Consider offering an overnight stay as a raffle or silent auction prize to drum up future bookings. Many of these teams travel to the same locations year after year.

  • Check out possible incentives available to STR owners with properties in areas hosting larger athletic events. In the past, platforms like Airbnb have offered kickbacks or additional support to property owners who make their rentals available during large national tournaments or sporting events.

Big or small, sporting events can be quite lucrative for the short-term rental host. You don’t have to be a sports fanatic to get excited by the possibilities local sports can offer.  With a little research and some savvy marketing techniques, you can be at the top of your game. 

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Written by: Cary Ballard - Freelance Writer for FIX Linens