Inspired by hosts, made for everyone. 


Humans spend an average of 26 years of their lives sleeping. We think you deserve a better bed.

At FIX LINENS, we’re on a mission to create hotel-quality, frustration-free bedding for all. The FIX system takes the stress out of sorting sheets and fighting complicated duvet covers, offering affordable, high-quality essentials that make life a little easier. 

Founded by an Airbnb Superhost who was tired of endlessly sorting through piles of cheap white linens, FIX provides an obsessively researched bedding system for hosts and sleep aficionados alike. Our Simple Sort sheet sets feature color-coded tags and embroidery for ease of organization while our FIX duvet cover is the most effortless, efficient duvet cover you’ll ever own. 

When it comes to short-term rentals, outstanding hospitality is everything. 90% of guest ratings depend on the quality of the bed. We know that a bed and its linens can make or break the whole guest experience.

The FIX system delivers accessible, durable comfort that eliminates the burden of sheet sorting and duvet wrestling. 


We’re here to help you rest. Easy. 

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