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3 Things Every Family Looks For in a Vacation Rental - FIX LINENS

3 Things Every Family Looks For in a Vacation Rental


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"Summer is the perfect time to target family travelers."

The majority of families with children who set to the friendly skies or open roads are on vacation to escape the hustle and bustle of their day to day. That being said, summer is a perfect time to target this audience. Hosts can help families get the most out of their time together by taking into account what is important and necessary to family travelers; safety, entertainment and comfort. 


For every parent, maintaining safety is a number one priority. You can make sure you offer a safe oasis for every family that crosses your threshold by featuring some safe centered amenities and making some simple additions.

For families with younger children, it is important to have everything they need to make your property easy to navigate and enjoy. Additions like baby gates, outlet covers, and cabinet locks are easy add-ons that can be made available to your guests and do not require permanent changes. Place these items in an accessible location and make sure to include their availability in your property listing.

For the tween or teen centered parent, make sure parents have the ability to control safety features. If your property has a pool or hot tub, make sure you have clear signage posted about the need for adult supervision. If your property has a bar or wine cellar, take care that there is a way for these spaces to be secure while hosting families. Including information on how to utilize any media parental controls would also be helpful.

Make sure to include basic first aid supplies within your property. A first aid kit that includes band-aids, antibiotic ointments, and alcohol wipes is a must. Adding area rugs or non-slip strips to slippery or slick floor surfaces (especially in or around bathrooms, kitchens, or water features) cuts down on the risk of pitter-pattering little feet taking a spill. 


The last thing parents want to hear on a family vacation is "I'm bored!" Bring your entertainment game from mid to sigma with these entertainment considerations.

If your property has a lush backyard- you have a beacon that will attract families. Fenced yards, in particular, are an attractive feature for families with children, especially if their family pet  is in tow. Outfitting this space with a swing set or adding outdoor game options like corn-hole or croquet will offer families the opportunity to utilize your property to the fullest. Make sure you feature items available on your property that might attract the family unit. Swimming pools, game rooms, pool tables, and bicycles are attractive additions to the traveling family. If your property doesn't have a pool, provide a baby pool or sprinkler to extend outdoor fun. Feature a picture of your cozy fire pit or outdoor dining area to help families envision a restful evening where they can enjoy their family and their time away.

Make your STR "all-inclusive". Hosts with properties within condo developments or neighborhoods that include features such as tennis or pickleball courts, bike trails, pools or even beach access should consider including extra items within their properties that cut down on the baggage families bring from home. Provide items like beach wagons, tennis racquets and bicycles that will allow your families to enjoy all the amenities of your property. These thoughtful inclusions can be a deciding factor for families considering multiple properties in the same location.

If your property is in a locale where a beach or other outdoor feature is the main attraction, make sure to account for the days when Mother Nature might not be as cooperative. Family and kid-friendly board games are a must. Crayons, coloring books, or other simple, mess-free craft options are a plus. For families with teens or tweens, make sure to highlight any streaming services or video game consoles your property has available. 


Over all, most five-star reviews come from families that feel at home and comfortable within a STR property. There are many amenities and features that can attract prospective scrolling families.

Families with smaller children are fans of rooms on the same floor. This makes midnight check-ins easier and brings a sense of security to parents and children alike. Bathtubs are another feature that hosts sometimes underestimate as a selling point for their property. A bathroom with a bathtub offers a safer and more accessible option for bathing smaller children.

Most family travelers will find a full-size washer and dryer a huge advantage to have in their rental property. This option can cut down on clothes needed during a trip and laundry to do upon return - especially for families. In addition, Being able to clean garments that might have been through a rough play session is a relief to any parent.

An eat-in-kitchen is another feature families look for while browsing bookings. In fact, in a recent  Family Travel Report published by AIRBNB , 93% of booking families identified features such as kitchens as a deciding factor in their property choice. Most families who opt for a STR over a hotel like the option of preparing at least one meal on-site to cut down on the hassle and expense of eating out for every meal. Make this option more appealing with a well-appointed kitchen that provides all the essentials.

Here are some additional simple additions that can help families settle in and feel at home

  • Kid-sized utensils and cups that are more manageable for little hands
  • Portable high chairs
  • Pack and plays
  • Step stool to make sinks accessible
  • Designated diaper changing area
  • Furniture and bedding that is stain-resistant or washable. Natural fibers like cotton are best for bedding as they are washable, durable, and agreeable to sensitive skin. 

Welcome Home

As always, pay special attention to your welcome package. Here are some family-approved welcome Package ideas that get the FIX Linens seal of approval.

  • A list of nearby parks or kid-centered activity centers
  • Check-in with local attractions and restaurants. Many will offer coupons or free or reduced admission prices for children. Including some of these coupons would be appreciated not only by parents but also by local businesses.
  • Include a small gift to welcome your pint-sized clients. For example, if your property is in a beach location, provide a pair of kid-sized sunglasses or a sand shovel with their name on it. These personalized touches usually translate to raving reviews and attention-grabbing posts.

Bottom line: A successful Short-Term Rental is one that welcomes families. Family travelers are the perfect pairing with their desire for more space and amenities than the offerings of a traditional hotel. Accounting for the family's traveling needs for safety, entertainment, and comfort can not only help families achieve memorable and manageable vacations but can also contribute to super host status and priority bookings.

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Written by: Cary Ballard - Freelance Writer for FIX Linens