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5 Reasons to Love White Bedding

5 Reasons to Love White Bedding - FIX LINENS

5 Reasons to Love White Bedding

Bed with FIX Linens and duvet cover


Take a moment to imagine peacefully drifting off to sleep on a soft, fluffy cloud. While we respect everyone’s aesthetic choices, we bet that your cloud isn’t stained, pilled, and forest green, right? Like the perfect cloud, there’s something about white bedding that exudes cleanliness, quality, and comfort. Fresh white linens can brighten up any room and complement any decor. But looks aren’t everything! Read on for our complete list of reasons why white linens work every time for every bed.

The Luxury Halo


Blame hotels. The hospitality industry has trained us to associate white linens with cleanliness. Spotless white linens on a hotel bed create a comfortable, luxurious experience that puts guests at ease. As Airbnb and VRBO hosts, we know that better sheets mean better sleep and happier guests. 90% of guest ratings depend on the quality of the bed. When striving for that coveted Airbnb Plus status, linens are everything. So much so that we built an entire company around the perfect white sheets and duvet covers!

Easy Cleaning


Speaking of cleanliness, white linens tend to hold up better over time with frequent washings, even at higher temperatures. While colors can easily fade and look dingy, white linens are brought back to life with proper care. Looking for laundry tips? Lucky for you we’ve compiled an expert guide.

Matchy, Matchy


In case you haven’t noticed by now, we’re all about effortless organization. White bedding saves you time, plain and simple. Instead of searching for mismatched sets, you can grab and go and move on with your day. Our Simple Sort sheets feature color-coded tags and embroidery for ease of organization because you have better things to do than sort through a sea of cheap linens.

A Timeless Upgrade


When it comes to brightening and updating a room, white bedding is one of the best investments you can make. While trends come and go, white linens are always on point, providing a fresh canvas to show off your favorite artwork, decor, or bold statement pieces. All without having to lift a paintbrush.

Serenity Now


Back to that fluffy cloud. Time and again, white bedding proves to be universally calming, inviting, and elegant in its simplicity, providing the ultimate foundation for a good night’s sleep. When your bed is clean and cozy, you’re ready to relax and recharge.


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