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Pet-Friendly Properties, a Growing Industry Trend - FIX LINENS

Pet-Friendly Properties, a Growing Industry Trend


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Since the pandemic, there has been an influx in the number of individuals and families that don’t leave home without their furry friends. In fact, according to  Airbnb, “pet allowed” is among their top searches, beating out many other amenities. With 53% of all travelers bringing their pooch along on vacation, Pet Travel Advisor  identifies pet-friendly accommodations as a growing industry trend- and one that savvy hosts should take note of. While your rental property doesn’t have to become pooch-centric, there are some additions and considerations that can be made to ensure your property is one that both humans and their loyal companions can enjoy. Check out these descriptors that will put your property among the favorites for pets and their humans.

Pet Safe 

With the descriptor of pet safe, pet owners expect a property to have certain considerations or include features that increase and ensure the safety of their pet during their stay.

  • Consider exits and entrances into and out of their property- is there a convenient exit to and from an outside area that is free of pet hazards?

  • Survey the inside and outside of your property for plants and vegetation that may be harmful . Many houseplants like peace lilies and poinsettias can be toxic to our animal friends.

  • Utilize trash cans with latching lids in kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Balconies and busy streets can be features that pet owners may avoid. If you have a property with areas that might be of concern to pet toting guests, offer retractable pet gates that can be utilized to keep pets in certain areas and out of others.

  • While pools are an amazing amenity for human guests, these and other water features may be a danger to smaller dogs. If you open your property up to dog-owners, make sure to outline the rules and features of your outdoor spaces in regards to canine use and safety. Make sure to include rules and expectations about pet waste clean up and disposal. 

Pet Friendly 

Many times labeling your property as pet friendly simply requires highlighting amenities you already have in place. Get tails wagging by featuring these pet-perfect components.

  • fenced in yard is among the most popular amenities that friends of Fido look for in a property. Take note- not all fences are created equally. Make sure to specify the material of the fence and whether it is suitable for all breeds and sizes.

  • Pet friendly flooring and fabrics that are easy to clean and maintain are a must have. Removable and washable couch cushions for furniture and easy-change duvet covers for beds are an asset to any rental, but also minimize pet hair and dander accumulations.

  • Outdoor showers or mudrooms, while common for beach or vacation rentals, are a plus for guests with adventurous canines.

  • Many communities now have dog parks, bike paths or pet friendly beaches that are perfect playards for pets and humans alike. Make sure to include these and their locations in your property guide or welcome pack. 

Pet Welcoming

Small additions to your property can make pets feel like they are home away from home. Here are some simple ways to make each space in your property a pet owner’s oasis.

  • In entryways, highlight your preferred pet entrance and exit with a hook and leash by the door. Include a welcome station with a jar of treats and a washable mat. Consider adding a basket of supplies like paw wipes and pet waste bags to give your guests everything they need to explore the area with their pet in tow.

  • Equipt the kitchen with a set of pet bowls. Stock some sample packs of dog food in the pantry for those forgetful or late arriving guests.

  • Offer a compact pet bed with washable cover that can be stored in a bedroom or storage closet.

  • Include a small bin or basket of washable pet toys to entertain your four legged visitors

  • Add a section in your property guide or welcome pack that addresses the needs of your furry friends. Emergency vet numbers, groomers and even dog walkers are helpful additions. 

Other Considerations

Accommodating pets in your short term rental can increase bookings and revenue, but there are also some aspects to consider. Many short term rental hosts include an extra pet deposit or add on fee to cover property wear and tear and or extra cleaning charges. The good news is most pet owners are willing to pay this extra amount in order to stay in a property where they can take their pet and avoid boarding or pet sitting costs. In addition, property owners may also want to restrict the size or breed of dog allowable within their space. Consider the size of your property, your community and any restrictions in regards to Condo or HomeOwners associations and insurances.

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Written by: Cary Ballard - Freelance Writer for FIX Linens