Copy of FIX Duvet Cover Facts

Get the lowdown on your new favorite duvet cover.



How We Measure Up
KING 106" x 90"
FULL / QUEEN 90" x 90"
TWIN 64" x 90"



The front side of The FIX duvet cover is seamless with no visible zippers or tags.

The backside (bed-facing side) features our triple-zip system for quick and easy changes and color-coded tags indicating size. The double zipper begins and ends 12" from the top of the duvet, keeping it smooth and comfortable for sleeping.



The FIX Fabric Difference

  • 400 thread count  100% long-staple cotton: Soft, durable, and built to last wash after wash.
  • Sateen weave: Ultra-smooth and naturally wrinkle-resistant.
  • OEKO-TEX Certified: Completely free from harmful chemicals and safe for everyone.
  • YKK double zipper: Sturdy, dependable and built to last.

Learn more about FIX fabric here

Take Care

  • Machine wash warm: Hot water can cause cotton fabric to shrink and break down over time. 
  • Non-chlorine bleach: Bleach can yellow and break down cotton fibers. Visit our blog for tips on keeping your sheets white. 

How To Care For Your White bedding: Our Ultimate Laundry Guide

  • Zip duvet covers before washing: This makes your duvet cover easier to assemble and extends the life of the product.  
  • Tumble dry low: For best results, take out of the dryer promptly. 
  • Skip the iron: Got wrinkles? High heat can damage cotton fibers. Lightly spray your duvet cover with clean water from a spray bottle and let it dry naturally on the bed. 
  • Storage is key: Store your linens in sets, wrapped in their own flat sheet. To stay fresh, sheets need to breathe. Storing linens in plastic can cause them to yellow. 
  • Pro tip: Keep your FIX sheets fresh and organized by folding sets with embroidery lines facing outward for instant size identification.


How to Make a Better Bed

Changing The FIX duvet cover

  1. Place the duvet cover on the bed with the zipper side down and the FIX tag at the bottom left corner. 
  2. Unzip and open. 
  3. Gather the top layer of the duvet at the top and place the duvet, tucking the duvet into the top corners of the cover. Secure the top of the duvet using the snap tabs inside of the top corners. 
  4. Pull the fabric down to cover the duvet. 
  5. Fold the bottom corners up, tuck corners into the cover, and snap the corner tabs. 
  6. Zip closed and sleep well! 


        Good to know: 

        Snaps (instead of ties) are another way we make changing your duvet faster and easier than ever.   



        No loops on your duvet? 

        We've got a fix for that!
        What you'll need: 4 elastic hair bands.
        4mm (medium size) work best.


        1. Create a slip knot with one elastic band by threading one side into the other. 
        2. Pull it tight around the corner of your duvet. 
        3. Repeat on all four corners. 
        4. That's it! now you can secure your FIX duvet with our quick-release corner snap ties.



        Pro Tips 

        • Fold your duvet so that the tag ends up on the outside top for quick and easy sorting on the shelf. 
        • Zip your duvet covers before washing. This makes your duvet cover easier to assemble and extends the life of the product.


         Got questions? Take a look at our FAQ or ask the experts.


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